February 21, 2013


Hai semua new mommys…yang x new pon hai jugak…kat sini aku nak share satu buku panduan yang bertajuk ‘PANDUAN PENYUSUAN SUSU IBU YANG MUDAH’ yang sangat2 berguna untuk mak2 diluar sana tentang breastfeeding…artikel ni sangat best n menarik sbb ia mempunya dua Bahasa, Bahasa Melayu dan English…uolls bole jugak kalu nak print jadikan booklet ke kan…

Buku panduan ni aku dpt dri Persatuan Pemakanan Malaysia…menceritakan tentang cara2 penyusuan kepada bayI, cara pemakanan yang sesuai untuk ibu2 yang menyusu, ibu2 bekerja yang menyusukan bayi, cara penyusuan yang betul dan sebagainya.

Penyusuan ibu kepada bayi sangat la digalakkan bagi ibu2 yang baru melahirkan bayi…penyusuan harus diberikan secara penuh sehingga bayi berusia 6bulan dan diteruskan sehingga umur 2tahun. Ini kerana kandungan susu ibu yang mempunyai zat dan nutrient yang sangat berkhasiat dan bagus kepada bayi. Selain itu, susu ibu juga memainkan peranan sebagai antibody yang kuat kepada bayi.

Ok sape2 yang nk buku panduan tentang penyusuan ibu boleh download di sini.

Happy breastfeeding…

Terima Kasih

February 20, 2013


When my wife gave birth to our son, I never thought I would be as invloved as she was with taking care of the baby. Thats because my father never took care of me, it was my "mother's" job. My father was working and so that meant that he was excused from taking care of my brother and I. So do I be a father that just pays the bill or be a real father who is also there?

I choose to be a real father.


Because anyone can pay the bills. Not everyone can be a father. Its hard work, its determination, its alot less sleep and almost no play but its worth it. Thats a commitment you make when you choose to get your wife pregnant.

Just because we go to work to bring home the money does not excuse us from baby duties. Our wives are not a reproductive factory we pay to make our babies and we shouldnt treat them like a paid nanny. Its as much our jobs to look after the baby as it is theirs.

When I am out working, its my wife's job to ensure that our son is well taken care of. When im home from work, its my turn to take care of the little guy. If we dont play our part in caring for our children, when will our wives ever get a break? Even the toughest machines break down if you run it for a whole day.

Some of you may casually say that we could have always hired a maid. My wife and I strongly believe that our babies will be cared for only by us, not maids. And my wife has a thing about strangers living in our house. This means no confinement ladies (something new to me) or maids because she feels uneasy with a stranger in the house. I ended up doing her confinement and taking care of my newborn son with the simple recipes my mother-in-law provided me.

Was it easy? It took alot of adjusting to. It meant giving up all my hobbies and devoting whatever engery I dont already have to taking care of my son. How do I do it? With alot of love and a new found hobby, fatherhood.

Make the right choice, be a real father.

Terima Kasih

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