April 7, 2009

E.X.A.M...thats we call the depression...

Arghh..this time i was wondering why i feel so depress?why i feel terrible?why i feel a lot of feel that not make me happy n peace.Thats what we call E.X.A.M...actually this is my last n ever exam that i will be sitting on.I hope so.Aminn...After this no more exam (if i have to sit again,mybe i get a promotion...hehehehe)Then goodbye everything that i had left here that full of memories, full of happines and sometimes full of sucks!...Then welcome H.O.M.E!!

So,here is my schedule during the Final Exam:
13th April-Islamic Accounting
15th April-Strategic Management
16th April-Management Accounting & Control---->this is killer paper...
20th April-Public Sector Accounting

So,wish me good luck...
Terima Kasih

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